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Wall Repairs / Renovation

roofcare wall renovation

Keeping exterior and parapet walls waterproof is extremely important to maintaining the building envelope.

Just like a roof, the elements take their toll on walls, causing cracks and deterioration. Exterior damage allows water entry and causes damage to spread to  the interior. This damage can be difficult to spot at times, such as when structural components and electrical systems are compromised. Of course, one of the most dangerous results of water infiltration is black mold. Mold spores can circulate throughout the interior of the building, which can lead to respiratory problems or worse.

Call or email RoofCARE to request a Free Inspection to see if you need wall repair or wall renovations and to make sure thery are watertight.

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Before Stucco and Viga Repairs

Before Roofcare Wall Repairs

After Stucco and Viga Repairs

After Roofcare Wall Repairs

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